How to view your published VRE

[Watch a 30-second summary]

If you've already connected a device to your account and uploaded a VRE, follow these steps to view your project in Virtual Reality.

1. Open the VRE and click View in VR

If you're browsing through your files and want to quickly view a project in VR, just click the goggle icon to the right of the project.

2. Try a 360° interactive preview

Click the double-ended arrow to view a 360° preview of your project. Use your mouse to navigate. If you're using a touch-screen or mobile device, you can navigate by touch and by moving the device.

3. Or Send to a phone

If your phone is already connected to your account, clicking this button will send your content straight to your phone, and allow you to manage your phone's content.

Open the Yulio Viewer app on your phone to view your VRE.

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