How to Add Multiple FPR's Within a VRE

When uploading your designs to Yulio, you may wish to have more than one variation of a scene (such as multiple locations, lighting options, or before and after photos) within a Virtual Reality Experience (VRE).

Yulio makes this possible by allowing you to upload multiple Fixed Point Renders (FPRs) within one VRE.

Note: There is no limit on the number of FPRs you can upload within a VRE.

To upload multiple FPRs within your VRE, you'll first need to create a VRE.

Add your first FPR to the scene by clicking Add Fixed Point Render (FPR).

You can wait until your first FPR has finished processing, or upload your next FPR while you wait by clicking the same Add Fixed Point Render (FPR) button again.

You can change the order in which your FPRs will appear in the scene by clicking and dragging this icon to the right of your FPRs:

You can also rename each FPR in the title box:

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