Connecting a phone to your account

To connect a phone to your account, you'll need a smartphone and headset compatible with Yulio.

1. Download the Yulio Viewer app to your phone.

2. On, click My devices under your email address in the top navigation bar. This will take you to a page displaying all of your connected devices. Click Connect another device to connect your phone.

3. Open the Yulio Viewer app on your phone and place your phone in a headset.

4. Look down to find the Connect icon. Gaze at the icon to get your pairing code.

5. Enter this code on

If the pairing code is correct, your device will be connected.

If you have problems with the code, you can exit the Connect screen within the app and re-load it. It will generate a new code.

Your device will be given a generic name, but you can rename it to something more personal.

You can also remove any devices you're not using.


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