How to Manage Team Members in a Company Account

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If you're an admin user in a company account, you have the option to add, remove and assign permission levels to team members. To manage your team members, click Company > Manage Team in the main menu bar on


In the Manage Team page, you'll see an overview of your team members and their information.


As an admin user, you have the option to assign permission levels to users, based on their function within your company. There are three permission levels that users can be assigned:


Admin users can create, edit, share and delete VREs, as well as invite and remove users from the team. Admin permission is best suited to the person (or people) in charge of your company's VR services.


Authors can create, edit, share and delete VREs. Author permission is best suited to team members who are actively creating 3D designs, like architects, designers and CAD technologists.


Associate users are restricted to viewing company VREs, and using the collaboration feature for clients. This permission level is designed for salespeople and client-facing team members who aren't involved in the creation process.


To add a user to your team:

1. Click Invite User.


2. In the pop-up window, enter their name, email address and select which permission level they will be assigned. You can change this at any time.


To remove a user from your team:

1. Click the pink X icon beside the team member's email address, under Actions.


2. Click Remove in the pop-up window. Don't worry: removing a team member won't remove any of the VREs they've created!



To assign permission levels to users:

1. Select the team member's current role type, and you'll see a drop-down menu where you can select their new permission level.


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