Yulio's Collaborate Feature: What It Is and How to Use It

Yulio's Collaborate feature allows you to live stream, in real-time, what your client is seeing in a headset. You can moderate your client's experience by selecting which FPRs and VREs they are viewing. You can do this on any browser, on any device.
Learn about how you can use this feature to collaborate better with your clients here.
To start live streaming, make sure you’re signed in on yulio.com, then click Collaborate in the top menu bar (below your email address). Alternatively, you can go to http://www.yulio.com/collaborate.
Here, you'll find a list of devices connected to your account. Choose the one your client will be using and select View Live Stream. 
(If you have multiple devices and can't tell them apart, the device name or "Last Connected" time might give you a clue.)
Once a connection to your device has been made, you should see a live feed. The content you’re currently viewing and the device you’re currently connected to are displayed below the feed.
To moderate your client's viewing experience, select the User control button at the bottom right of the screen. This gives you the ability to switch between FPRs and VREs, and your client loses this ability. Note that this does not enable you to control where your client is looking within the headset.
Click Manage content to manage which VREs are available on the device your client is currently using. You can remove, add and re-order the VREs available on the device.
Click Switch VRE to change which VRE your client is viewing on your device.
Click Switch FPR to change which FPR your client is viewing within a VRE.
If you get a “Waiting for Device” message...
Yulio Viewer might not be running on the device you selected. Make sure the app is running.
If you get a “Viewer is in the Lobby” message...
Don't worry! The live feed only starts once the viewer selects a Virtual Reality Experience to view.
Happy collaborating!
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