Cubemap Requirements

Yulio uses stereoscopic cube maps to facilitate VR experiences.  The easiest way to create the necessary Fixed Point Render source files is to use one of the provided Yulio CAD plugins.  If you wish to provide your own FPR source files they will need to be formatted in one of the following two ways:

Option 1: Side-by-Side (12x1)

Requires all 12 images used to generate the left eye and right eye cube map be organized in a single row, with the 6 left eye faces followed by the 6 right eye faces.  Each cube face must be a 1535x1536 image which will create a final file dimension is 18432x1536.  This file format must be encoded in JPG format and under 100MB in size.

Option 2: Stacked (6x2)

Requires two rows of 6 images each with the 6 right eye cube face images organized above the 6 left eye cube faces.  Each cube face must be a 1536x1536 image which will create a final file dimension of 9216x3072.  This file must be encoded as a PNG with no transparency applied and under 100MB in size.

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