How do I install the Yulio viewer for GearVR?

1. If you're setting up your GearVR for the first time: Insert your phone into the GearVR headset and follow the instructions for installing the Oculus store application

2. Remove your phone from your headset

3. Install the Yulio viewer app from the Oculus GearVR store: click on the following link on your phone, or search for Yulio Viewer in the Oculus store:

4.  If your designer has provided a Virtual Reality Experience link (e.g., click on the link and then select 'view on this phone'

The system will ask you to insert the phone into your GearVR headset and will then automatically load the selected Virtual Reality Experience.


To launch the Yulio Viewer app without a link, place your phone into your GearVR headset then chose the Yulio Viewer from your library.

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