Creating Your First Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality Experiences (VREs) are the backbone of the Yulio experience. Think of them as collections of fixed point renders (FPRs). You might create a VRE to show multiple angles of a space, or maybe a progression through different rooms in a building. A Virtual Reality Experience can contain as many fixed point renders as you wish. If you haven't already, check out our gallery to see some great examples.
To create a VRE, you'll need at least one fixed point render. For more information on how to produce these, refer to our CAD Authoring guides for SketchUp, Revit and 3DS MAX. Assuming you've created a fixed point render, you should have something like this:
If you used Revit, you might have an image with two rows of six images on top of each other. 
To create a Virtual Reality Experience, make sure you're signed in, then click "create" in the menu.
You'll be directed to an index of Virtual Reality Experiences—if you haven’t created a Virtual Reality Experience before, yours will be empty.
*Note: You can create folders to further organize your VREs. In this example, we’ll create a folder called “My Project”.
Within that folder we’ll hit “Create VRE” to make a new Virtual Reality Experience.
Give your VRE a name and hit “Add Fixed Point Render” to upload your fixed point render(s).
Choose your file and hit “open” to upload it.
Once processed, your render will show up under the VRE's “contents” display. You can repeat this process to add any other renders.
You can share a link to your Virtual Reality Experience by hitting the “share” button. The generated link will let anyone you send it to view your content in Virtual Reality.
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