Setting Up Folder Permissions

Yulio’s folder permissions allow you to set up VR project folders to match your workflow - you can create folders by user, by project, by client name or by type of project.

You can set permissions to individual folders, to protect work from accidental edits or deletions and better satisfy your clients’ NDA or privacy requirements.

In the Content Management screen, you’ll see a list of folders on the left. The general folder that every user with a Yulio seat has access to, is called “Shared”. All of your projects are in this Shared folder, until you decide what other folder structure you want to use. Or you can leave them as is and continue storing everything in the Shared folder indefinitely.

  • New sub folders and VREs can be created under Shared and everyone in the company will have access to them
  • This is a good way to opt out of using folder permissions (for customers who don’t necessarily need a permission model)

Setting Individual Folder Permissions:

Once you’ve created the folder, Admin users can adjust folder permissions, by picking from a dropdown list of Yulio users and assigning a permission level. They can also provide access to all users.


  • Administrators can grant user folder access in the folder settings page for a given folder
  • Administrators can add all users and remove all users or they can search and add users using the Add function
  • Administrators always have full access to all folders
  • Any time a new user is added that is an Author or Associate, they will have access to the Shared folder but, nothing else by default. An administrator must add the user to non-shared folders.
  • When a user is granted access to a folder, they get access to all its contents and the child folders within the folder.
  • Users can only see folders they have access to. Any folder they do not have access to will be hidden.
  • When a user's permissions are removed from a folder, they also lose access to all the subfolders and content within.
  • The permissions to Create or Edit within a given folder is still determined based on their role. Ex. Author, Associate
  • Administrators also have the ability to Move folders
  • New plugins will be released which will allow CAD users to select the folder they would like to upload to
    • Only folders that they have access to will be exposed in the plugins (SketchUp, Rhino, CET)

Folder permissions will help you organize and control access to your projects, and are part of our commitment to making VR a simple and intuitive part of your workflow.

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