Can I replace a fixed point render?

Once you have created your virtual reality experience and added hotspots, you might need to replace one of the scenes. This could happen if your client requests to see different options in the scene or, the project has simply evolved over time. 

If you've already setup your hotspots and would like to retain them, you can simply replace the fixed point render in the edit VRE page. 

Open the VRE


Find the FPR and select the Replace icon



Upload new FPR and select options

You can keep hotspots and FPR name from original FPR when replacing. Please ensure the new FPR meets the fixed point render requirements.


Confirm that you'd like to replace the FPR

This is the final step before your FPR is replaced. Please confirm if you'd like to replace the original FPR. This action cannot be undone once Replace FPR button is selected.


FPR processing

Once confirmed, the new FPR will be processed and the VRE will be updated.


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