Navigational Hotspots: What is it and how can I use it?

What are hotspots?

Hotspots are a new way to navigate your virtual reality experience by simply looking at going. Adding hotspots in your virtual reality experience is a great way to make your designs more spatial and immersive in VR.

How can I add hotspots?

In the Edit VRE page find the "Hotspot Editor" button. Please ensure you have at least two cube maps in your VRE. This will take you into the authoring tool that will allow you to add and edit hotspots. 



Once you're in the Hotspot Editor, drag your target scene from the left navigation into the 3D viewer on the right and place it where you would like the hotspot to appear for your viewer. You can also click "Add hotspot" from the left navigation and a hotspot will be created in the 3D viewer.


What are Hotspot Properties?

Once the hotspot has been created in your scene, you can modify it's location by clicking and dragging on the hotspot itself. 

There are additional hotspot properties that appear in the left navigation. 


Hotspot Label

Customize the name of your hotspot. By default, the label will appear as the name of your cube map. You can customize this to something more meaningful for your design and scene. This will appear in VR and preview modes and provide designers the ability to further build the narrative for their experience. Labels can have a maximum length of 140 characters.  



Change the depth of a hotspot so that you can provide additional spatial context in the VRE. Changing the depth will provide more context for viewing in VR. 

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